A smart mobile scanning device mounted on drones to provide autonomous mapping in challenging inaccessible areas.

Equally capable over the ground, under bridges or near critical infrastructure. Hovermap is your complete mobile LiDAR scanning solution. End dangerous inspections and investigations by sending the drone to your high risk environments. Get invaluable analytical information for all decisions.



Bridges, masts, buildings and everything in between can be mapped to exact point clouds. Fly with confidence that your inspection data will not be jeopardized by GPS interference. Hovermap keeps your drone and sensors safe with LiDAR integrated autonomous flight.


Improve safety and reduce risks. Keep personnel away from machinery, emissions and heights. Submit a Hovermap-equipped drone on an autonomous mission under bridges, towers and to high altitudes. Check areas securely before personnel access.


Hovermap's rotating LiDAR provides a 360 degree field of view that ensures that 3D data is collected in all directions. 3D data is collected consistently and greatly reduces shadows. Examine damage and other changes. Plan exactly for new works. Connect a camera for point cloud staining and further analysis.


With a combination of world-leading LiDAR scanning and drone autonomy, Hovermap produces reliable and accurate point clouds that integrate seamlessly with existing workflows to enable new analytical insight.


With Hovermap, you can map structures and narrow, inaccessible areas in minutes rather than hours. Confirm construction processes, damage and subsequent repairs. Make informed decisions for repairs, maintenance and project management.

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We offer a complete solution for 3D Scanning, Laser scanning, inspections, BIM, thermography, development projects, film productions and much more. We work nationally and globally. Expert expertise for all projects, regardless of size and complexity.



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